2011 NYC Marathon

The World’s Greatest Race

62039-14322-023fThe New York City Marathon is arguably the greatest footrace in the world. It is not only the course as it precisely meanders through the five magic boroughs of the worlds most fascinating city. The organization of this massive race,with more than 40,000 competitors, too is superior. Then there is the glory of triumphantly crossing the finish line in beautiful Central Park, achieved only by athletes who reach deep within themselves conquering pain, fatigue and the persistent calls from the sub conscious bellowing “Why am I here”?

What uniquely distinguishes this race from all other great marathons are the people of New York City. Millions of them, fiercely proud representatives of hundreds of ethnic groups, speaking nearly one hundred different languages, line even the remotest parts of the route cheering, applauding, saluting, praising, encouraging and motivating every runner, walker, wheel chairer and hundreds of severely disabled athletes to push on only around the next corner, only down the next street, where of course thick throngs of other New Yorkers are waiting ever lifting the athletes on to an unforgettable finish.

“Go for it”, they shout at the start in Statan Island. “You can do it” they chant as competitors will their way through long stretches of Brooklyn. In Queens they cry out strange greetings in Polish. It is a secret code announcing the halfway point. After sixteen miles Manhattanites begin cheering “You’ve got it now” just when fatigue cripples your legs. By the time they chime “Welcome to the Bronx”, you are already in a daze but sense the end must be near. Rap music, and boisterous shouts of “Don’t give up” are calling cards announcing your arrival in Harlem. “You did it” the well dressed supporters greet as you enter Central Park joyfully making you overlook that there are still four agonizing miles to go. I know the hundreds of jubilant New Yorkers are saying something important as I speed my way the last three hundred yards toward the finish line but by then the excitement has suffocated my brain. I pump forward. Suddenly, a lofty medal is draped around my neck as I once again thank all New Yorkers for this, the world’s greatest race.

On November 7, 2010 I completed my twenty fourth New York City Marthon.

Tom Kline January 2011

Place Gender
First Name Last Name Age Finish
5 km 10 km 15 km 20 km 13.1 mi 25 km 30 km 35 km 40 km Minutes
per Mile
41518 27258 227 60559 THOMAS KLINE 66M 05:47:24 00:38:50 01:17:41 01:58:00 02:38:54 02:48:00 03:21:43 04:05:46 04:48:42 05:30:02 13:16

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