A Memorable Trip Log

Day by day I make my way across this enchanted island. Each small town has a small inn called a parador. In several I am the only guest. No matter, the excitement of being able to see, smell and touch everything around me is wonderful.

Each town is different. Some already have been invaded by fast food chains. Others maintain a mysterious link to the past through their town plazas an antique churches. Yet they are all linked by a common culture. Kids rush to catch school buses, harried drivers rush to and from work, everyone greets me with a smile, and no matter where i am at someone laughs when I mispronounce a word.

I am hooked on Puerto Rico and La Panorimica!

DATE             TOWN            DISTANCE [MILES]
Feb 10            Patillas                              17.0
Feb 11            Jajone                                22.0
Feb 12            Aibonito                           21.4
Feb 13            Jayua                                 21.6
Feb 14            Adjuntas                           21.2
Feb 15            Maricoo                            21.7
Feb 16            Mayaguez                         23.0
Feb 17            Mayaguez                           7.0

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