A Racewalker At War

I began my 44 year journey as a competitive racewalker while preparing for war. The good Colonel, Walter Gellini, at the Rock Island Illinois Arsenal, told me in 1968, “Lieutenant stay in shape. You WILL be going to war in Vietnam”.

Larry Young the Olympic walking champion was on the news. He hailed from Columbia, Missouri where I had just completed graduate school. Following Larry’s inspiration I headed for the bleak winter corn fields in neighboring Iowa and started race walking. My life changed forever. Now I was not only an engineer, and a Lieutenant in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, I also transformed myself into a racewalker.

This month I finished production of a film about my experiences in the Vietnam War. The documentary is unique since it includes original Super 8 movies which I recorded during 1969 and 1970 while I was in Vietnam. Along with this historical film footage I combined original audio tapes which I had sent monthly to my family in New York. To experience the life of an engineer in combat and sense the emotions which still haunt a racewalker today please view Engineers At War.