A Stockholm Marathon, Almost

This is my first trip to the remarkable country Sweden and its capital Stockholm. I am determined to walk a marathon there. Well not the Stockholm Marathon per se but the 26 mile 385 distance spread over a few short days.
Nicknamed Exxen, meaning the view of the North, the interesting city is actually build on 14 islands. Compared to other Nordic cities. There are a lot of people here. The population is nearly one million.

I am always ready to roll, this is my version of city walking. I move relatively fast, carry extra water, but stop form time it tome to observe city sights. Fortunately the hotel has coffee in the lobby and I am off well before needing to be ready for my first business meeting. The city is modern. I pass indoor mini malls, walk up hills and through pristine parks. Traffic is light. I have no problem crossing city streets. This being near the week-end perhaps many city residents are off already visiting their vacation homes. The city folks like to get away to the relatively desolate Swedish countryside where they hike, garden and just relax.

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