A Tiny, but Enchanting Swath of Central America

It is a little country, population only about 6 million hungry souls. El Salvador is one of the few places in Central America that I have not walked through, around, or deep into its jungles. The other side of this quest is that I love this part of our vast world. The people, though poor, are honorable, the country side sparkles with green trees flanked by windblown bushes, and there is an archeological tradition rich with artifacts which define the history of the entire world.

I start in the bustling, even modern, capitol of San Salvador. By definition though, I am a country race walker. Give me the wide open space of a lonely road, the rock and sand strewn shore of a drift filled beach, or a mud filled. Mosquito infested, jungle that is difficult to enter and impossible to exit and I am at home. Welcome to El Salvador!

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