Along the Congo River

Well, no I have not yet had the opportunity to walk the length of Africa”s mighty Congo River. It is another restless personal dream. But I do have the honor and privilege of being right on the banks of this epic waterway in Zaire. I am fortunate to be with a diplomatic mission. Our stop this time is in the sprawling city of Kinshasa. There is a lot to do. Important dignitaries to meet, back-up materials to study, and grateful relaxing with my colleagues. CongoI also have had the opportunity for reflective walking. I valued the break. Fortunately, the US Embassy grounds are expansive, beautiful and secure. “That is Congo Brazzaville”, a ranking embassy official remarks as he points to the many lights on the other side of the great Congo. There is rumor that there may be more conflict between the communist regime in Brazzaville and our more friendly hosts on this side of the river. I continue walking contemplatively and never fortunately totally alone.

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