An Unexplored World

An unexplored jungle is what I need. Exotic, remote, lonely, dangerous are fine with me – even exciting. But, there are no roads leading to this land of high adventure.
For centuries its few inhabitants have traversed their universe only by boat plying murky shallow streams and rivers to little outposts they call home. Here only the strongest, or strangest, of humankind live. Without roads o travel I too will use boats inaugurating a “float walk” [More floating than walking yet still a long distance adventure for a race walker]
Welcome to the south Atlantic coast of Nicaragua.

Managua,is the capital.It’s a big sprawling Latin town. As with every big city there are some really bad spots. These are overshadowed by finely manicured parks, long stately avenues in the government center and a developing business core crowned by tall office buildings and adorned by a few super luxury hotels.
I walk the streets. Savoring the sensations and the smells I know this is not where I want to be. The true adventure is more than 200 miles to the east.

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