Ancient Istanbul

My walking is exciting. Right out of the hotel I head downhill toward the Phosphorus. That is the dynamic strait which helps divide the continent of Europe from Asia. Street shops are busy. Tourists mingle with workers who may reside in Asia or Europe. I circle the port area. Police have good control. Only a few vagrants lie around on streets [This area of Istanbul does much better that New York in managing street people.]. Evidence of Istanbul’s, or if you are older and prefer the word Constantinople, colorful religious past is evident everywhere. Elegant mosques and aging but formidable Christian churches dominate the most important venues. I walk through the Eminenu section on the European side of this ancient town.
I can not resist. I take a ferry to the Asian side in Kadikoy. The Islamic flavor seems to be more intense. TurkeyBut in turkey people still are tolerant of different styles of dress. I wonder up side avenues, buy stamps for my collection at a second floor shop, and sip Turkish coffee a road side cafe. Now this really is great fun.

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