What an enchanted island even if I just stepped off a cruise ship. And there is still plenty of time to walk, pick up the pace, and explore. As I ramble through the capital and major city of Saint John”s I reflect on the history of this tourist crammed Caribbean escape. Columbus was the first European to arrive in 1493 and named the island after a well known religious icon. The British meandered here a few hundred years later and claimed the island as their own. That’s when the trouble began. The culprit, slavery!

I wander along the dock. Ships of all description and size crowd the slips. Antigua is still a favorite respite for touring sailors too. But, i can’t get my mind off the terrible atrocities committed by the white slave owners those centuries ago. The local folks here are friendly and thankfully do not seem to dwell on their horrible past. Rather, they too enjoy the loveliness called Antigua.




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