Antwerp Trips

If Brussels is the cultural and political capital of Belgium, Antwerp is the heart beat of the economy. I have often trained to Antwerp to walk and from time to time have overnighted there just to get to know this dynamic city.[OK, for business too} It is just me, but I always start my walking workouts at the train center, Antwerpen_ Central. The massive gothic structure is fine for walking through and around. Like Brussels train stations, however, in Antwerp the walker also gets a feel for the seedy side of large European Cities. People lay around on the streets near the station, but not many really.
As my walk time continues I roam the city center enjoying the galleries. I from time to time make it here on Sunday when many of the shops are closed. Antwerp seems more peaceful then. There are still many church goers despite the contrary statistics. The Diamond Quarter is an infrequent haunt but for a New Yorker vary familiar with her Diamond Center the Antwerp Quarter it is intriguing. Then of course there is the Port of Antwerp starting at the River Scheldt and leading to the North Sea. Its central location on the continent makes it desirable to all of Western Europe. Keep walking friends and be sure to find Antwerp.

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