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On Memorial Day We Must Forgive the NFL Kneeling Players

“Father forgive them for they know not what they do” is a well-known Christian expression. Many other faith traditions also demand that believers forgive those who have offended them. On this Memorial Day most Americans are angry at the NFL Players who kneel in disrespect for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice so that those of all colors have the freedom to play their games.

WE must forgive the kneeling players “They know not what they do!”

There were no NFL kneelers on my very first night in Vietnam when an African American Captain and I sped alone in a raggedy jeep into the darkened jungle to save four white privates whose truck had been destroyed by a rocket grenade. All of the Vietnamese civilians whom they had come to rescue were unmercifully slaughtered. But, we must forgive the NFL kneelers!

There were no kneeling NFL players when I climbed to the top of the thirty foot guard tower. There two African American soldiers taught me to use their night vision equipment. Together with a machine gun we sank an arms loaded enemy Sampan on the adjoining lake. Just days later a rocket pierced the same guard tower and blew the two white solders forever into the sickening night air. Yet, God still requires us to forgive the NFL kneelers!

The kneelers had not been born when I crawled a hundred yards through the darkened dirt tunnel. There an African American solider sat stoically keeping watch. We embraced both pretending there were no tears. Enemy snipers new the precise location of this hole of death. Our forgiveness is required.

NFL kneelers, we understand your cause, we know something of the horrors of racism which you and your families still endure. But your kneeling disrespects all of those who have died for your freedom and every single one of their family members. We know, “You know not what you do”!

On this Memorial Day NFL kneelers America needs you to be strong. America implores you too to be brave. Stand up, salute our flag, and cheer our wonderful National Anthem.

But if you are weak, then we too some day must join you kneeling in the deepest fires of hell. You see, you too must forgive us. Even though we will forgive you, if you are not strong Americans will never grant you Memorial Day Respect!


Thomas J. Kline, Jr


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