Bangkok Dreams

Bangkok Station
Bangkok is a vibrant, lively, overcrowded place. I arrive at the Hua Lamphong train station in the city center. The cities action starts in the park right outside the station. Strollers, travelers, lovers, vagrants and so many more congregate in the park as I wobble by. i can see some skyscrapers and am aware of Bangkok’s reputation as a global finance and business center. But, I pick up the pace, still pulling a suit case, I have already learned my way to Chinatown a more interesting part of the city. There, from the time the sun sets, until it peeks its flashing head up again at sunrise, Chinatown is alive. Street vendors crowd every corner. I wobble along greeting folks and sampling tidbits of food of well cooked food. [I always avoid street meats – and stay healthy]

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