Belize City, Again

Growing up this little Central American country was known as British Honduras. The British took over, established a system of government and made English the new native tongue. Then independence, and now we have Believe. So here I am on my second visit. Once more I start in Belize City. Belize CityI came here originally for adventure, to explore the unknown, and to walk wherever I went. The people here are friendly, though generally poor. I have now walked in the morning, early afternoon and evening, before dark, through most of Belize City. It is just not my cup of tea as they say. Generally, the city proper is run down. Buildings are often wood frame and decaying. As I wobble up the main avenue I often trip on crumbling streets. I do enjoy rumbling through the city center market. Everything is for sale, curious, live animals, native art, semi-fresh food and more. Belize city is not a clean place yet in the spirit of exploring I am glad that I have come here. One saving grace is the fine Victorian hotel located right on the water front. There one can sip tea, or beer, and think about the days when Belize City was a lumber transport center and Caribbean Pirates roamed the streets. Maybe I should have come here then!

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