Big Sur, Big trees, Big foot massage

This day is very difficult. As I fight my way up steep mountain grades and dodge traffic around harrowing curves I suddenly realize how the Pacific Coast Highway broke the spirit of the young bicyclist. All I can do is be patient. It was good the biker had warned me. I am carrying extra water and consume it freely. I convince myself that if I can just get through this day I will succeed ultimately in reaching S.F. The neuromas aren’t cooperating but I push on. I am rewarded by a long semi flat stretch of beautiful terrain. Slowly giant redwoods begin to dot the sides of the road.

A group of twenty people are bunched closely together at a road side pull off. Each is using what appear to be high powered binoculars. They are smiling but not talking. “There it is” someone shouts and the group breaks into chatter. “Did you see the bald eagle”, a woman asks me as I walk by. Sadly I missed it. I learn that this group of tourists, and their nature guide, have traveled from all over the country just for this moment, this memory, and the opportunity to see bald eagles in their natural habitat.

In the village of Big Sur there really are acres of well preserved ancient redwoods. It is now late afternoon. After securing a cabin for the night at the Big Sur Campground I wonder into a little shop advertising massages. The proprietor questions me thoroughly. I disclose my name, marital status, details of my journey and names of my daughters before she says “I usually do not give a massage to people I do not know, since it is only your feet I will make an exception.” Well relaxed I fall asleep.

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