Bravo Florence!

As heavy traffic begins to force me off the main roadway and onto a narrow paved shoulder I know I am approaching the romantic city of Florence. I am now anxious just to arrive. My thoughts drift to the plane arrangements back to New York, work commitments and to the opportunity to be with m family again. It is always this way after a long walk. “It is not reaching the destination. It is the journey”, someone once said. They were correct. I can’t really believe that I have walked the 180 miles from Rome to Florence and experienced Tuscany up close, personal and on foot. The hills, heat and blisters were worth encountering. My satisfaction with the accomplishment is high.

At night I roam the town trying to get a sense of the place. Unfortunately, I have invested all of my time in completing the walk. There is no time to see the famous tourist sites. Then again, the way I have traversed this slice of Italy few travelers will have the opportunity to experience in a lifetime.

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