Climb a Camelback

What a city walking park. Here we are in Phoenix, Arizona, normally extremely hot but dry. Yet for us adventuresome walkers there is always another mountain to climb. Off I go. Parking was difficult to find even in the early morning hours at this well known Phoenix, Arizona park. Yet, so close to the city this mountain is a marvel.Camelback Phoenix Up I climb, stocked with two bottles of water. The sandstone trail makes a difficult but manageable climb. I am “fast packing”, moving quickly with minimum supplies. Runners push by, some of course, have no idea that in endurance athletics there is up and then down. I wait, passing some runners on the way up and many tired ones on the way down.
Let’s just say having an urban mountain very near a major city center, with freedom to walk or run up and to survive down, is really special. So good in fact I did this climb two additional times. Fun!!

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