Coqui, Coqui

Coquis, the pearly green tree frogs found only in P.R. sing their rhythmic melody in the dark morning mist. As the sun rises I continue my quest to conquer La Panorimica. The well marked route on a tourist map is difficult to follow on the ground. Little roads which link the route in wiggly chain atop the island suddenly end. A new route appears as the next link. But each road goes in multiple directions. I frequently stop to ask for help from local natives. “I don’t know. Maybe it is up there”. Is a frequent answer in Spanish?
Beautiful cliff side vistas give me a dramatic view of the ocean and the encouragement to push forward. The roads jiggle upward to the mountain hideaway Jajone where a hill side hotel looks dauntingly over a lush green valley dotted with fruit orchards.

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