Cosmopolitan Vancouver

Having walked 900 miles through British Columbia during the last five weeks I feel I have earned a rest. Well, it won’t happen exactly. Despite my swollen feet I still prefer to walk. I move quickly through the busy Vancouver streets. This is a newer town, the business and finance heartbeat of B.C. The natural resources of timber, oil and minerals may be elsewhere in the Province but the real negotiations for their sale occur right here in the many banks and office buildings which dot my walking route.

I find my way to the beaches too. The adjacent tree shaded streets, filled with local college students from the University of Vancouver, are tidy and make a good walking venue. I am able to move fast even as the sun pleasingly heats the concrete walkway. Then the great Pacific Ocean lies before me. OK, the beaches here are no match with distant islands, nor even with Miami. Yet, the bulky driftwood littering the shoreline creates a rustic beauty and its own sense of tranquility. I walk on patiently still recovering from my long walking ordeal. Too bad that in 24 hours I will once again resume my life as a vagabond traveler, well part time of course!

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