Dallying in Dalian

I remember well when U. S. President Richard Nixon and his sidekick Henry Kissinger visited China and “opened” this huge, ancient, country to the Western commercial world. So much time has passed, China, at least economically has changed dramatically. And it is a honor for me to be here again in Dalian, China.


Dalian is a newly rebuilt city. It is not unlike many mid size cities across China. Sky scrapers, business centers, shopping malls, and squeaky clean retail outlets abound.

It is early morning. I have race walked briskly through Dalian. Six story, commune style, apartment buildings line every side street. The sun is rising but the city is quiet. I guess most folks, reaping the benefits their new found, and hard earned capitalism, are still sleeping to explore.I continue to walk alone. It is exciting such far off corners of the world.

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