Den Hague, Fifty Miles

Here I am again, after a tour of Europe and a trip to Tunis, Africa. I return to one of my favorite walking spots, The Hague, Netherlands { I prefer the local name Den Hague}.

Government Buildings, Koningskade, The Hague, The Netherlands

I learned about this hideaway because once again I had penicillin business here. It is not only this unique little city, internationally renowned, calm and distinguished. For me it is the long, seemingly never ending, North Sea Beach. I have walked here in winters bitter cold, in the Fall, and sparingly in the summer. I love the harsh wind, the silence. On less windy days ultra-light aircraft buzz calmly overhead. Only a few ships appear far out at sea. Walk out three miles and you are alone, with the sea birds.

Well given all of that, and after multiple visits, that is why I have walked more than 50 miles around this enchanting sea side resort. Visitors please remember that the Hague has are many urban streets [I have walked a number of them] be sure to head for Schieveningen for real beach relaxing fun!

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