Every Adventurer Has a Dream

I collect interesting book but only keep those that I have read. Not surprisingly, my book shelf is stuffed with fascinating reads they are piled eight high or twenty six across on a shelf depending on how easy it is for me to pluck them for reference on a moment’s notice. The clutter is well organized by topic and importance. Murder mysteries are to the right of engineering texts. Medicinal plant tomes are on the shelf just above a collection of comedic materials. My oversized 1950’s Postage Stamp Albums protrude from their perch and have a tendency to wrinkle my shirts hanging vertical nearby. Ah, but the top shelf houses the crown jewels, travel books. They are piled on their side, title out, in four neat rows each ten books high. This is a requirement to allow room for maps each of which designates a unique, fascinating, little corner of the world. Seven of the travel volumes are about the Sahara… I have collected them for what seems like a lifetime. My boyhood dream has always been the walk the Sahara desert.

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