Farewell Belgium

For a number of years I have had responsibility for a large business operation in Brussels. It has been great fun to visit Brussels and be sure I have done a lot of race walking too. At last count I have walked about 200 miles in Belgium including 20 miles in the Brussels Marathon before a foot injury sent me home on the tram.
Now it is time to retire. As I reflect back so many Brussels, and Belgium, sights come to mind. I have walked to and from them all. My favorite in Brussels is the Grand Place, or Grote Market. It is so stately and European in character. I have walked many miles in the park around NATO headquarters, trotted by the Parliament building, and in both the early morning and well after dark have circled the Opera House and always stopped to enjoy the tourists at the Manneken Pis sculpture. I have taken the long race walk from the center city to the Cinquantenaire Triumphal Arch and then discovered the buildings fascinating car museum. In mornings before work a favorite route was to walk between the Brussels Nord and Sur train stations. I feel I know every shop along the way. Wow, I will miss Brussels.

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