Finally Beaches

My explorers instinct was still strong so when my business colleagues returned by private jet to New York I set out alone the discover Brazil’s wonderful Atlantic Ocean beaches. The three hour taxi trip to the coast was an adventure as well. We whisked first through the city fresh will skyscrapers and clogging traffic and then sped off along a modern super highway engulfed with green trees and shrubs. As I descended a mountain headed toward the coast, however, all turned bleak. Industrial plants spit smoke in all directions. The green landscape changes to total brown. The Trees were gone only pollution remained. An hour later the sight of the clear Atlantic lifted my spirits.

Now the walking began in earnest. Up and town the paved sidewalk at ocean’s edge I trotted. Locals from Sao Paulo had also discovered Guaruja. I was struck by the many football, soccer, games being played on the deep sand beach. It seemed every kid knew how the head the ball. In the evening I walked again. The air is fresh and people very friendly.

Guaruja Brazil

On my second beach vacation day I walked through town and again wobbled contently along the romantic beach. What a trip!

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