Finally Eluthera

ElutheraOn my first day I explore local streets. I am struck by how quiet the place seems to be. There is no big hustle. Perhaps it is the lower end hotel I have selected. But I find the calmness, and the friendliness of the local people, to my liking. Always on the lookout for a vacation home on the beach I wonder a few miles up the coast. Wow, what a shock! There are so many abandoned hotels with property run down.
Eluthera BeachI explore the beach. Hotel debris is everywhere. I wonder what happened to this once great place. I don’t know and keep walking.

I walk quietly and consistently for two more days. I am comfortable here and often stop to chat with the friendly locals. Some can’t understand why I came here just to walk and explore but here I am/ In many ways Eluthera defines Eluthera defines who I really am!

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