Four Miles Until Nightfall

There are a lot of hills and a little rain I keep moving just a few miles behind Gary and his companion. They have a handler a woman in a pick-up truck. I am good traveling alone. If I find a store I eat. My water bottles are still in good supply. Oh, yes, I had also hidden food neatly packed in poly bags along the entire 205 mile route. I failed to remember, however, that there are a lot of animals in rural Tennessee. Yes, all of my food had been eaten well in advance of my arrival.

As it gets dark I check my map noticing I just have four miles to go. I convince myself there will be plenty of time for a hot meal and a long sleep. Then Gary’s handler arrives. You have 14 miles to go to the next town she tells me at 7 PM. “No way “ I say and of course she was right.

At 11 PM I roll into a small town, exhausted. The runners are asleep in the very next room. Not bad for a slow walker after four days on the road.

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