Frankfurt at 50 Miles

Frankfurt City
OK, I have been to Frankfurt already a number of times. Generally, I have limited business here and meetings are often held at the airport. But, I come to Frankfurt too as a transit point through Europe, and to explore and walk. Now I could stay at the Frankfurt Airport, which is quite nice. Rather my stick is to go to the city always at the convenient Frankfurt Central Train Station. The area around the station is mixed but generally I walk up the Am Hauptbehnhof, the main road in front of the station. And, of course I walk the side streets packed with nice cafes with outdoor seating.Frankfurt StationThere is so much to see, and do, in downtown Frankfurt. And if you want to walk, perhaps fast for a workout, stay near the station. Thus, after a number of trips and some week-ends I have walked 50 miles in this fine town. {Much better that walking around an airport, even a great one]

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