Giant Sao Paulo

São Paulo
Now Sao Paulo, Brazil is a big place. The city proper shelters some 12 million souls and a total of 20 million reside in the greater metropolitan area. I admit I was a little intimidated by the massive population. As I was on a business trip which ultimately took me to the Guarulhos section of the community I did not want to venture too far form my classy hotel until I had the opportunity to get acquainted with this memorable locale. After arriving I headed out right away for a race walk along the local avenues. Traffic crossings were onerous. But, being in a good neighborhood there were no signs of street thugs which the press had traumatized. At dinner interestingly, for the first time, I experienced a genuine Brazilian Steak House with all the beef one could absorb. When my free afternoon finally rolled around I ventured far from the hotel to the Sao Paulo city center. There I was able to wobble along while finally absorbing the sounds and aroma of this mega metropolis. Still not being bold, and being language deficient, I actually took a cab back to my hotel. When I return I will be more confident.

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