Haleakala Cabin

I am at a fantastic site walking the rim of Maui’s Haleakala crater. Fortunately, other than some minor billowing smoke this volcano is long dormant. I walk gingerly through the lava rock which is spread for miles around. There is a campground and dirt trail which I follow. And there it is a lonely cabin.

The one Haleakala State Park cabin sleeps twelve. There are only two of us. By early afternoon a heavy fog descends blanketing the wood frame structure in a chilly mist. My not so sound sleep is interrupted at midnight by a loud knock on the cabin door. “Please let us in”, a young couple begs. “We have no place to sleep”. We let them in. Actually the companionship makes the sleeping more relaxed. When the sun finally rises again I am off walking again around the great crater ever mindful that I must avoid falling in!

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