Hong Kong Sharks

Hong KongAs always I walk in the early morning hours. Fortunately the hotel which caters to Westerners has sufficient supply of freshly brewed coffee. This is my energizer. I have already met my staff here for dinner and have another gathering planned. With few hours to spare I hop on a bus, hand a card to the driver with my destination written in Chinese [courtesy of the hotel front desk manager].

At the Sai Kung District Park I pick a spot on the narrow beach, view tankers plodding off in the distance, and courageously plunge into the chilly murky water. I find it strange that a lifeguard in a row boat sits observantly fifty meters off shore. I wonder why. That is until I see a net like barrier with the distinctive picture of a shark. The familiar drawing of a swimmer with a prohibitive red line stroked across his chest tell me sharks, at least at times, draw food, and snacks, from these waters. I hurry to shore, to drink a cold beer of course. Next stop New York, New York.

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