Hot Spring Not Available

I am often off doing some crazy long distance walk on my birthday. Today is no exception. While battling the hills in the heart of Tuscany a bicyclist stops to talk to me. “What are you doing?” he asks me in Italian. “I am walking from Rome to Florence”, I tell him in Spanish not being confident that I can communicate in his language. We settle on broken English. “I am training for a bicycle race the hills are hard. I saw you for the last few days and was wondering where you at quaint hill top restaurants.My guide has convinced me that despite having walked well over a hundred miles that I will be completely rejuvenated when we reach the ancient town of Bagni Vignoni about 50 kilometers north of Sienna.

As darkens falls we rush to the center of town and the sight of the ancient Roman baths. In the center of the main square a long spiraling well filled with thermal water entices visitors to take a daring plunge into the 150 degree water. Today though, a chain link fence surrounds the historic baths. “NO swimming” signs temporarily hold me back before under the cover of darkness I climb the fence and gently submerge my swollen feet in to the scalding, but refreshing , natural water.

An Italian Banana !

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