Just Copenhagen

Copenhagen, what a gem! This is my first trip to Denmark and my first immediate problem is the language. I admit I have not studied Danish and so I have difficulty pronouncing names and understanding the fast talking, good looking, Danes. I have come here on a European business trip. I pay my own way, however, in Copenhagen since I have no business here. I just want to experience the place. As my readers know I do this by taking long, at times crisp, race walks.

I am jet lagged after an all night flight from New York. It is early morning here but I waste no time starting my multi-hour walk. Another habit, I prefer to stay in the city centers but my cheap hotel does no put me in an elegant neighborhood. No Matter, while many buildings are run down the youthfulness of my fellow street walkers is a motivator. I know too that as the Capital of Denmark Copenhagen is the countries center for culture, government, education and the “pop” life stile. I wander into the businesses district and by the fine hotels now wishing I had booked one of them. Then as afternoon arrives, I crash, sleep that is, and get ready for a traditional Danish meal.

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