Kyoto’s Zoo

I am walking through the Kyoto Zoo, really. I sneak away here whenever I am in town. OK, it is not the same as the New York’s Bronx zoo nor does it compare to San Diego either. But I still like it. The zoo has a wide array of animals there just aren’t large numbers of each species. [The Bible’s Noah would have been proud] Kyoto is an older zoo and is reasonably quiet. The bird collections awsome. Buffon Macaw’s , flamingos, cockatoos, ibis and others flutter merrily here. You can walk here unaccounted. To some it is a children’s zoo. For me it is a respite in one of the worlds most ancient cities that is still thriving. Kyoto JapanThis old imperial city wondrously preserves temples, shrines, art work and artifacts from generations almost long forgotten. The Imperial Palace is spectacular and walker friendly. The Heian Shrine creates an aura of spirituality
matter what your religious belief.

Tourists, historians, lonely race walkers and all the rest of us are blessed that the wise preserved Kyoto from air raids in the latest great war.

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