LisbonFinally, Lisbon. I have no business here. I just came to walk and explore. Normally I am good at pre trip logistics. But this time anxious to explore Lisbon beaches I ended up with a small hotel in the suburb of Estoril but not near a beach. I walked well along the Avenue Infante Dom Henriques. The bordering Alantic Ocean smashed up against the sea wall often splashing me, and the street, even though the weather was clear. Thus, I did not make it to the tranquility of a Lisbon beach.
Using a bus alternated with long walking stints made difficult be cobble stone streets, I made my way to old city Lisbon.
Lisbon CathedralI was struck by the diversity of culture of the many people congregating on the steps of the Cathedral of St. Mary Major. It was as if Africa, continental Europe, and Latin America had all been blended into a collage of city viewers. The restaurants in this part of the city, at least as I saw, were marginal. I ate local meats, drank beer, and walked back most of the way to my low cost hotel. Another adventure awaits me tomorrow.

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