north-america/tijuana-to-san-francisco/Tijuana to San Francisco Victory!

2005-05-22 north-america/tijuana-to-san-francisco/Tijuana to San Francisco El Camino Real

2005-05-21 north-america/tijuana-to-san-francisco/Tijuana to San Francisco Downhill To Saratoga

2005-05-20 north-america/tijuana-to-san-francisco/Tijuana to San Francisco Ben Lomond And Boulder Creek

2005-05-19 north-america/tijuana-to-san-francisco/Tijuana to San Francisco Santa Cruz Is An Odd Place

2005-05-18 north-america/tijuana-to-san-francisco/Tijuana to San Francisco Hello Monterey

2005-05-17 north-america/tijuana-to-san-francisco/Tijuana to San Francisco Big Sur, Big Trees, Big Foot Massage

2005-05-16 north-america/tijuana-to-san-francisco/Tijuana to San Francisco Lucia On The Cliff

2005-05-15 north-america/tijuana-to-san-francisco/Tijuana to San Francisco Nothing But Fog

2005-05-14 north-america/tijuana-to-san-francisco/Tijuana to San Francisco Tough Logistics At San Simeon

2005-05-13 north-america/tijuana-to-san-francisco/Tijuana to San Francisco San Luis Obisbo

2005-05-11 north-america/tijuana-to-san-francisco/Tijuana to San Francisco Exhausted In Santa Maria

2005-05-10 north-america/tijuana-to-san-francisco/Tijuana to San Francisco In Santa Barbara

north-america/tijuana-to-san-francisco/Tijuana to San Francisco Too Much Highway

2005-05-08 north-america/tijuana-to-san-francisco/Tijuana to San Francisco Race To Malibu

2005-05-07 north-america/tijuana-to-san-francisco/Tijuana to San Francisco Tough Guys Let Me Pass

2005-05-06 north-america/tijuana-to-san-francisco/Tijuana to San Francisco Lost In A Strawberry Patch

2005-05-05 north-america/tijuana-to-san-francisco/Tijuana to San Francisco Sick

2005-05-04 north-america/tijuana-to-san-francisco/Tijuana to San Francisco A Few Good Men

2005-05-03 north-america/tijuana-to-san-francisco/Tijuana to San Francisco Beach Fun Only Americans Understand

2005-05-02 north-america/tijuana-to-san-francisco/Tijuana to San Francisco Beast Of Burden

2005-05-01 north-america/tijuana-to-san-francisco/Tijuana to San Francisco Weary Eyed But Moving

2005-04-30 north-america/tijuana-to-san-francisco/Tijuana to San Francisco The Wedding

north-america/tijuana-to-san-francisco/Tijuana to San Francisco Only In Mexico

2005-02-17 north-america/walk-across-puerto-rico/Walk Across Puerto Rico A Memorable Trip Log

2005-02-15 north-america/walk-across-puerto-rico/Walk Across Puerto Rico What About The Girl?

2005-02-14 north-america/walk-across-puerto-rico/Walk Across Puerto Rico The Man Who Couldn’t Talk

2005-02-13 north-america/walk-across-puerto-rico/Walk Across Puerto Rico Everyone Has A Place They Call Home

2005-02-11 north-america/walk-across-puerto-rico/Walk Across Puerto Rico Coqui, Coqui

2005-02-10 north-america/walk-across-puerto-rico/Walk Across Puerto Rico Across The Spine Of La Isla De Me Encanta

2005-02-09 north-america/walk-across-puerto-rico/Walk Across Puerto Rico Coquis, Coconuts, Drugs And Doris

north-america/walk-across-puerto-rico/Walk Across Puerto Rico A Trial Walk

2003-10-17 european-stamps-from-lichtenstein/Stamps From Lichtenstein Philatelic Museum

2003-10-16 european-stamps-from-lichtenstein/Stamps From Lichtenstein Liechtenstein Where Are You

2003-07-12 asian-china-walk/China walk Purused By A Opium Dealer

2003-07-11 asian-china-walk/China walk Safe[?], At Last

2003-07-10 asian-china-walk/China walk Children Of The Jungle

2003-07-09 asian-china-walk/China walk Jungle Woman Runs, From Me

2003-07-08 asian-china-walk/China walk Mountain Folks

2003-07-06 asian-china-walk/China walk Hello Muang Sing

2003-07-05 asian-china-walk/China walk Chased By Chinese Guards

2003-07-04 asian-china-walk/China walk Lost In The Golden Triangle

2003-07-03 asian-china-walk/China walk Drama In Laos

2003-06-24 central-america/lonely-el-salvador/Lonely El Salvador The Family

2003-06-23 central-america/lonely-el-salvador/Lonely El Salvador On The Crowded Beach

2003-06-22 central-america/lonely-el-salvador/Lonely El Salvador A Tiny, But Enchanting Swath Of Central America

2002-04-13 africa/sahara-walk/Sahara Walk I Survive A Stint In The Desert

2002-04-07 africa/sahara-walk/Sahara Walk Ended But Never Forgotten

2002-04-06 africa/sahara-walk/Sahara Walk Rain

2002-04-05 africa/sahara-walk/Sahara Walk Lost In The Sahara At Night

2002-04-04 africa/sahara-walk/Sahara Walk Argentinean Soccer

2002-04-03 africa/sahara-walk/Sahara Walk Food And Feet

2002-04-02 africa/sahara-walk/Sahara Walk The Race Is On

2002-04-01 africa/sahara-walk/Sahara Walk My Desert At Last

2002-03-31 africa/sahara-walk/Sahara Walk Flying Alone

2002-03-30 africa/sahara-walk/Sahara Walk Every Adventurer Has A Dream

2001-09-01 central-america/walk-across-panama/Walk Across Panama El Camino Real

2001-08-31 central-america/walk-across-panama/Walk Across Panama My Guard

2001-08-30 Chronicles Panama

2001-08-29 central-america/walk-across-panama/Walk Across Panama Hawking The Panama Canal

2000-05-17 central-america/hondurs-jungle/Honduras Jungle Up The Lonley River

2000-05-16 central-america/hondurs-jungle/Honduras Jungle Jungle Wobble

2000-05-15 central-america/hondurs-jungle/Honduras Jungle Soaked In Las Marias

2000-05-14 central-america/hondurs-jungle/Honduras Jungle La Mosquetia

2000-05-13 central-america/hondurs-jungle/Honduras Jungle Howling Monkeys Spook A Race Walker

2000-05-12 Chronicles Garfuna Attack

1999-06-25 races/newyork-marathon/NewYork Marathon NYC Marathon

1999-06-15 north-america/tennesse-walk/Tennesse Walk Walk Across Tennesse

1999-01-01 central-america/nicaraguan-sandanistas/Nicaraguan Sandanistas They Burned The Houses With The People Inside

1998-12-31 central-america/nicaraguan-sandanistas/Nicaraguan Sandanistas Goodbye My Friends

1998-12-30 central-america/nicaraguan-sandanistas/Nicaraguan Sandanistas Ravdales Del Diablo

1998-12-29 central-america/nicaraguan-sandanistas/Nicaraguan Sandanistas Down A Muddy River

1998-12-28 central-america/nicaraguan-sandanistas/Nicaraguan Sandanistas The Russian Navy

1998-12-27 central-america/nicaraguan-sandanistas/Nicaraguan Sandanistas En Route To Granada

1998-12-26 central-america/nicaraguan-sandanistas/Nicaraguan Sandanistas An Unexplored World

1998-12-07 asian-battle-for-palau/Battle for Palau Just Beautiful

1998-12-06 asian-battle-for-palau/Battle for Palau The Wedding

1998-12-05 asian-battle-for-palau/Battle for Palau Wear Your Walking Shoes And You Won’t Sweat Losing Your Luggage.

1998-12-04 asian-battle-for-palau/Battle for Palau Lost Island

1997-06-27 central-america/costa-rican-odyssey/Costa Rican Odyssey Surrounded In A Jungle Town

central-america/costa-rican-odyssey/Costa Rican Odyssey Contrasts In Black And Olive

1997-06-25 central-america/costa-rican-odyssey/Costa Rican Odyssey Bananas Anyone?

1997-06-23 central-america/costa-rican-odyssey/Costa Rican Odyssey Are Taxi Drivers Reliable?

1997-06-22 central-america/costa-rican-odyssey/Costa Rican Odyssey Josefino Stare

1997-06-21 central-america/costa-rican-odyssey/Costa Rican Odyssey Alone And Enchanted

1995-07-14 north-america/pittsburg-pirates/Pittsburg Pirates Let’s Find A Cure

1995-07-12 north-america/pittsburg-pirates/Pittsburg Pirates Hello Mario Andretti

1995-07-09 north-america/pittsburg-pirates/Pittsburg Pirates Joe Paterno Country

1995-07-02 north-america/pittsburg-pirates/Pittsburg Pirates Red Iron Oxide

1995-06-30 north-america/pittsburg-pirates/Pittsburg Pirates Washingon’s Place

1995-06-29 north-america/pittsburg-pirates/Pittsburg Pirates Yankee Stadium

1992-07-09 north-america/360-miles-to-niagra-falls/360 Miles to Niagara Falls Walking Into Thundering Niagara Falls

1992-07-07 north-america/360-miles-to-niagra-falls/360 Miles to Niagara Falls Avon’s Chattanooga Man

1992-07-06 north-america/360-miles-to-niagra-falls/360 Miles to Niagara Falls Am I In Europe?

1992-07-05 north-america/360-miles-to-niagra-falls/360 Miles to Niagara Falls Ithaca

1992-07-02 north-america/360-miles-to-niagra-falls/360 Miles to Niagara Falls Small Town America

north-america/360-miles-to-niagra-falls/360 Miles to Niagara Falls Brooklynites In The Catskill Mountains

north-america/360-miles-to-niagra-falls/360 Miles to Niagara Falls Small Town America

1992-06-29 north-america/360-miles-to-niagra-falls/360 Miles to Niagara Falls The Mighty Hudson

1992-06-28 north-america/360-miles-to-niagra-falls/360 Miles to Niagara Falls Abe Lincoln’s Peekskill

1992-06-27 north-america/360-miles-to-niagra-falls/360 Miles to Niagara Falls Scarsdale Is Home

1992-06-26 north-america/360-miles-to-niagra-falls/360 Miles to Niagara Falls Mr. Roebling’s Bridge

1989-07-09 european-rome-to-florence/Rome to Florence Bravo Florence!

1989-07-08 european-rome-to-florence/Rome to Florence Hot Spring Not Available

1989-07-07 european-rome-to-florence/Rome to Florence Montepulciano Bulls

1989-07-06 european-rome-to-florence/Rome to Florence Orvietto’s Wine

1989-07-05 north-america/tennesse-walk/Tennesse Walk A Finisher

european-rome-to-florence/Rome to Florence The Pantheon Guides Me

1989-07-04 Chronicles Four Miles Until Nightfall

european-rome-to-florence/Rome to Florence Tears

1989-05-03 north-america/journey-to-washington-d-c/Journey to Washington, D.C. Our Nation’s Capitol

1989-05-02 north-america/journey-to-washington-d-c/Journey to Washington, D.C. Home Again

1989-05-01 north-america/journey-to-washington-d-c/Journey to Washington, D.C. The Port Of Baltimore Is Nice

1989-04-30 north-america/journey-to-washington-d-c/Journey to Washington, D.C. Harve De Grace

1989-04-29 north-america/journey-to-washington-d-c/Journey to Washington, D.C. Due South To Wilmington

1989-04-28 north-america/journey-to-washington-d-c/Journey to Washington, D.C. Brothers Welcome Me To Their City Of Love

1989-04-27 north-america/journey-to-washington-d-c/Journey to Washington, D.C. Key To The City

north-america/journey-to-washington-d-c/Journey to Washington, D.C. Key To The City

1989-04-26 north-america/journey-to-washington-d-c/Journey to Washington, D.C. A Jail Makes Me Feel Bad

1989-04-25 north-america/journey-to-washington-d-c/Journey to Washington, D.C. It’s Budweiser Time

1989-04-24 north-america/journey-to-washington-d-c/Journey to Washington, D.C. Mr. Kline Goes To Washington

news-articles/News Articles WALK TO WASHINGTON

1988-07-03 north-america/tennesse-walk/Tennesse Walk The Cart

1988-07-02 north-america/tennesse-walk/Tennesse Walk The American Revolution Lives On

1988-07-01 north-america/tennesse-walk/Tennesse Walk I’ll Beat Those Runners!

1986-07-01 north-america/albany-beckons/Albany Beckons Hello Assembly Folks

1986-06-30 north-america/albany-beckons/Albany Beckons Motels Along The Road

1986-06-29 north-america/albany-beckons/Albany Beckons Take My Wife, Please

1986-06-28 north-america/albany-beckons/Albany Beckons He’s A Tall White Guy

1986-06-27 north-america/albany-beckons/Albany Beckons Through Westchester

1986-06-26 north-america/albany-beckons/Albany Beckons My Own Bed

1986-06-25 north-america/albany-beckons/Albany Beckons Walking 150 Miles To Meet My Elected Officials

1984-11-07 north-america/madd-and-the-mid-west/MADD and the Mid West A Real Welcome

1984-11-06 north-america/madd-and-the-mid-west/MADD and the Mid West Farms Everywhere

1984-11-05 north-america/madd-and-the-mid-west/MADD and the Mid West The Maid

1984-11-04 north-america/madd-and-the-mid-west/MADD and the Mid West Coach Ron Laird

1984-11-03 north-america/madd-and-the-mid-west/MADD and the Mid West A Mayor Salutes MADD

1976-05-26 africa/alone-in-algeria/Alone in Algeria Intrigued By Bullet Holes

1976-05-22 africa/alone-in-algeria/Alone in Algeria Roaming The Casbah