Long Tail Macaques

Want a jungle walk almost in a city? Just take the bus from Kuala lumpur to Bukit Nanes Forest Reserve.
I start my walk, a long upward climb over a semi paved and dirt trail. Picnic tables dot the trail. Many are secluded under aging trees affording people privacy. Macaque monkeys jump from tree to table, stealing food before they scamper away. I push upward and onward.

A long line of Islamic young women, apparently on a school outing, trudge forward just in front of me. Their heads and necks are totally covered. But, as the heat gets to them they all remove the head cover. No problem. I respect their fortitude as they climb up and down the hilly terrain.


The macaques continue to howl. Branches shake as they frantically hop between tree limbs. For me walking the trail with so many human, and human like, companions is exciting.
I stand on the bus headed back to Kuala Lumpur. Large numbers of young Muslim women surround me. I think about so many cultural issues. I am honored to have had the opportunity to walk in this very different environment.

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