Lost On The Savanna

A pick-up truck takes us to a shallow river bank. There a boatman is waiting in a large canoe outfitted with an out-board motor. The craft speeds to the other side of this middle of no where river called Rio Caroni. “I will pick you up at sun down”, the boatman announces before speeding off. I see a path and lead our group of four, including two from Trinidad, onto the vast Savanna. In the distance a table top mountain appears. Confidently I head toward this landmark. All is well, until I get lost. The walk is strenuous and fun but not being able to find my way back to the tiny river stopping point makes me uncomfortable. I back track but am still lost. Finally Doris’ sense of direction prevails. The boatmen says”, “Been waiting here too long. It’s lucky you arrived. Cause otherwise you would be sleeping on the Savanna”

And so fellow walkers I highly recommend Canima. Please do not get lost on the Savanna!

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