Manila Ramble

Manila Philippines from the air Aerial Pictures Metro Manila
OK. Here I am in the rough and ready city, Manila. This is a sprawling place. As always I prefer a smaller hotel away from the business travelers and the Western tourists. Being afraid of far off cities in the dark, just as the sun rises, I walk fast along the streets as Manila’s citizens awake and begin to clog the roadways. Busses and put-put mini vehicles jam everything. It is fun. I am annoyed, however, to have to stop at many corner street lights. No matter, once again I push on. I look for water to drink. No luck. None is available.

I arrive at the hotel in time for a late breakfast. After a short rest, I do my second walking work out of the day. But, this is only to get me ready for the night life [a good dinner and beer] in ole Manila.

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