Mighty Tokyo

OK, here is a city which truly deserves the title, mighty. It has every modern convenience – an impressive large number of sky scrapers dominating a world renowned business center, every high end western style retail establishment, and massive Japanese Department Stores that fully outshine London’s Harrow’s and even New York’s Macy’s. Restaurants catering to every pallet abound. And here I am race walking during my business cramped time line, soaking in Toss’s greatness.

I have the privileged of staying at a Five Star Western style hotel in the Shinjuku District, which is one of 28 wards, or sections of the city. It is also Tokyo’s center of entertainment. The Shinjuku Gardens, and many other spacious gardens and parks and wonderful venues for a walker. Although I do feel some what out of place wobbling in running shorts and now sweaty shirt. People do not seem to mind. But then again, in the early morning I am right at home. You see that is when the cities homeless begging to rise, pack up their blue tarpaulins, and meager belongings, and head to God knows where until the sun sets once again. Through it all I keep walking.

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