Mountainous Quito

EquadorYou won’t believe this. Looking for a place to walk I return to the Quito Airport. There my wife Doris, quite unexpectedly, meets a childhood friend of hers who now lives in this cold mountain enclave. The friend is from Chicago and the two have not seen each others in ages. How do we say, “Small world”/
Quito is a high altitude site dropped in a former Inca fortification high in the foothills of the great Andean Mountains. Walking here is wobbling through the very old, at least as far as I can observe. Equador FlagYet, Quito is Ecuador important capital. In the late afternoon on a stroll of the outskirts of the somewhat unimaginative town, we fortunately meet some local folks. Our Spanish language skills help. New friends are found and I become fond of the Ecuadorian people.

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