Nevis Beauty.

NevisThe launch speeds across the shallow water way from Saint Kits. It is only two miles but the fresh sea air is refreshing after a long flight from New York. I am headed to Nevis a romantic tiny island. But, it’s claim to fame is that it was the birth place of well-known American President Alexander Hamilton. At first, when the business meetings at the Four Seasons Resort are finished, I race around the resort grounds for my daily walking workouts. Of course over the next days in the early mornings I rise before everyone else and have the narrow golf cart paths to walk all to myself.
A few days later, while others are deep sea fishing, I choose to finally explore the island, walking. The resort furnishes me with water to carry and off I go to the small town of Charlestown, Hamilton’s boyhood spot. I walk up and down the quaint village streets. In fine English tradition the homes, parks and beach are immaculate.I trudge up a small mountain, return and repeat the pattern the next day as well completing 10 miles in this fine lovely corner of the globe.

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