Oh, Osaka

Osaka“Ohayo”, that is good morning in Japanese. As my other phrases in the language are few I use this one frequently as I walk through Osaka’s parks and orderly city streets. Osaka is another massively populated city. Some 19 million happy, I guess, folks call this absorbing town home.
My first walking venues In Osaka are necessarily urban. I always arrive by train at the venerable Shin – Osaka Station. The trains are speedy fast, ultra clean and jammed with people. Everyone “dresses to the hilt” in this world class business city. The stylishly dressed crowd the wildly popular “Amer-Mura, Western fashion style bars.

In the afternoon I am wobbling on another race walk when large crowds mob an elevated TV screen in front of a massive department store. Literally, everyone seems to be 20 or 30 something. The now wildly chanting business types are viewing a televised martial arts match between well fit and toned Japanese combatants. Cheers rise as one bloodied lad with dyed blonde hair, and bleeding profusely from the mouth, lands a savage kick to the jaw of his competitor. I notice tapes of the fight are available and are selling fast. I don’t buy one. I just walk on in wonderment.

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