Only in Guadalupe

Guadalupe consists actually of two islands in the southern Caribbean Sea. Columbus landed here in 1493. I am intrigued by this French speaking enclave, still a protectorate of France, dynamic and exciting. I am only here for a short few days, typical of many of my global walking adventures. Today I decided to walk along sparkling sandy shores and up and down the islands narrow roads. As always I want to avoid tourists, French or Americans, so that I can experience the real culture.

I have found a local bus, colorfully decorated, which later takes me away from the crowded capital Basse-Terre. Palm trees intermingled with shacks which also serve as homes drift by ever so slowly reminding me that indeed I am in a part of the world far different from the hustle of New York. The driver announces my stop and here I am in Sainte-Anne a beach community. Speak Creole of French or you are lost. Yes that is me!

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