Orvietto’s Wine

The country side is hilly. The up and down climbing and steep descents strain my shins. I stop now to rest and treat he first signs of blisters on the balls of my feet. I am stunned when I leave the main road and see the walls of Orvietto for the first time. What grandeur! I think of times long ago when thick menacing rock walls were the only way to protect emerging cities n the outskirts of Rome. What a great adventure it must have been in those days to try to walk alone from Rome to this agricultural hub of Tuscany. Alas, I have been born far too late!
I am in an outdated yet cozy hotel overlooking the town plaza. A neatly dressed rather short bellman insists on taking my small duffle bag to the room [for a tip of course] In twilight I taste for the first time the slightly fruity white wine of the Orvietto region.

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