Palm Beach Marathon

PB Nine
The race always starts in the dark. A gentle breeze creates just enough chill to require a long sleeve shirt. I survey the growing community of West Palm Beach. New high rise buildings dominate one story retail stores and eateries some of which are unoccupied. Homeless folks lurk in the morning shadows. And then the race is off.

The sun rises. The beauty of the intercostal waterway helps me forget the long 26 mile challenge ahead. I plug forward. Other race walkers only doing the half marathon try to pass me. I accept their challenge, fighting them all off. Soon, at the turn around point, I realize once again that I am near the back of the pack. No matter. All those in front of me are running. I do not break my race walking stride even though I am slow.
Palm Beach Marathon NineOnly a few runners are ahead of me as I make the final turn into downtown West Palm. I pass them. In victory I sprint across the finish line, only to learn that there are no more finishers medals. Poor race finish planning but a very good event none the less!

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