Piazza De Duomo

Milano DuomoBelow me as far as I can see is this magnificent city called Milan. I am as high as a tourist can climb in the world renowned Duomo di Milano or Milan Cathedral. Fortunately, I have come accompanied by seasoned business travelers who show me the cities many historic sites. I am grateful but when they head for their late afternoon rests, or cocktails.
I start my walk. Sadly, I do not have a lot of time here. Oh, I have wondered through the Milan Airport on various occasions but walking in a city, as we all know, is so different.

The grandiose Cathedral dominates literally the city center of Milan. The Plaza is where Mussolini first organized his dreaded “blackshirts”. Today, Milan is the business and student heart beat of all of Italy. I feel the presence of antiquity but not like the ruin inundated Rome. The building facades seem older but not in any way ancient. Fellow street walkers are polite. They don’t seem to notice my wiggling gait.
It is now dark. The action, as we say in New York, around the Plaza De Duomo is intense. All types congregate here, some obviously looking for action, others seem to come just to observe. And me, I wobble onward.

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