Pistol Walking

SaigonThis is the first and only time I have the opportunity to walk the city streets of Saigon in the Republic of South Vietnam. I have come from way up North strangely to pay two of my GI’s who are in jail. At my home base in Qui Nhon, and now near Kontum, I always carry a weapon when I leave the safety of my Army compound. Not knowing any better, I tuck a loaded 45 caliber pistol in my waist’s band, wear my fatigue shirt loosely so the gun will not be noticed, and head out on the streets for a pleasant evening fast stroll. Frankly, I am surprised that walking alone in a once war ravaged city that I am not accosted. In Thanksgiving I pleaded that this will be last time ever that I will carry pistol while walking for fun. And it was!

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