Portland Walk

Portland OregonI am getting to know you quite well, Old Oregon. [Well, at least Portland]. This is my second trip here. It is still raining! I race walk on in the morning darkens none the less.

It is always my choice of hotels that determines where I will walk before a long internationally plane trip. Flights to cities in Japan originate here in Portland creating the opportunity for an overnight stay and some extended walking. I am in the less developed, older, part of the city. Groups of young men hangout on the street corners while it is still dark. [I did the same thing ones but then there were few drugs and never machismo mall intent]. So, I am always careful.

I wonder by all night food shops, selling cigarettes beer and nourishment. The many apartment buildings are darkened as people still sleep. The shops are closed. But, even at 6 AM the traffic pick up. As in every American mid sized city, newspaper and food delivery trucks lead the way. Street crossing are well lit. Drivers, the workers of America, are cautious letting me pass. Finally, I stop for hot coffee. It perks me up for the rapid walk back to the hotel.

When the sun rises I am again on an airplane. Next stop, Asia of course!

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