Red Iron Oxide

For three days I have made my way across central New Jersey first following heavily traveled route 46 to the small town of Netcong and then turning south west along route 57 crossing into the great state of Pennsylvania.   I am familiar with my stop today at the bustling industrial town of Easton. Nearby iron oxide is mined. For many years Pfizer and its acquired mineral companies processed the mineral to produce sound absorbing particles which ultimately led to the discovery of the technology which made audio tape recording possible. Around the Pfizer plant unfortunately the distinctive red color blankets the landscape.

On this trip I have adopted the “leap frog’ approach to insure my safety and support during my long walk. I travel with an accompanying car, parking the car, walking about three miles, returning to the car and then driving six miles ahead where I repeat the process again and again throughout the day. At night I search for small motels and a hot meal then continue my journey at the crack of dawn the next morning.

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