Return to Madrid

Madrid, now here is a true walker friendly city. Wide boulevards and avenues, people friendly street crossings, magnificent parks and a population mixed of both well off and poor who do not mind someone walking fast as the chug along in their daily routines. Madrid is just a great city, and fun too. The night life can be wild. This is a late night town. Dinner starting at 9 PM and several hours of enjoyment afterwards is commonplace, even during the week. I have been here a few times before, have now walked over a full marathon distance, and have a few places I really like.

Well, what is my favorite museum in the whole world? It is the Muses Nacional Del Prado right here in Madrid. Yes, I still love the Rosetta Stone but the Prado is special.All types of art are stylishly exhibited here. Yet, for me the dramatic paintings always absorb me. Francisco de Goya, Rubens, El Greco and Diego Velazques are all proudly represented. Ah yes, my numero uno? Well it is the one which tells the sad tale of the revolt against the occupying Napoleon. “Third of May 1808”.

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