Romantic Switzerland

If there ever was a geographic wonderland it is Switzerland. It is magnificent to view. Great Alpine mountain peaks, dramatic crystal clean giant lake and cities that have poise, character, charm and culture. I have been here before. As always I am struck by the history. Growing up in New York we always learned in grade school that during world War II, Switzerland was a natural country. We were taught the nobility of this tiny country standing up not only to the terror of Nazi Germany and their partner states, but also to other European countries who were angry at their refusal to take up arms in this greatest of European conflicts. As I have rumbled through here on speedy trains, however, I learn that the Nazis’, apparently had free rail access across Switzerland. Ah, and then there were the Swiss Banks and stately museums. Their role in this era has been greatly debated. But, I am here simply as a visiting business person and yes, race walker.BaselI am now in Basel. What a place. It has maintained its character and charm even as it has grown to be an industrial powerhouse. I walk in the early mornings, before the inevitable tense business meetings, crossing trolley tracks and greeting the early risers in my meager German as they head to work. The city is of course clean and orderly. Later with the local business representatives I am impressed with their thoroughness and business savvy. Before I take them to dinner, I trot again enjoying this interesting city.

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